• Lacoda offers flexible web-based loan servicing solutions. Our software will provide the end user with real-time access to the most critical data used to run an efficient lending operation.
  • Lacoda will seamlessly manage all of your loan servicing needs whether you have one loan or hundreds with unlimited options for terms and customization.
  • We're continuously working with lenders and loan servicers to develop a solution that performs all of the essential functions of loan management, while handling all of your back office needs so you can focus on generating revenue.
  • We're experts at managing the operations of hard money and small private lenders.
  • Product launched January 2015.


  • Flexible loan management.
  • We can manage any combination of loan terms, including multiple lenders, construction escrow (changing principal balance) and varying interest rates.
  • Automatically prepares monthly and end of year statements for borrowers and lenders.
  • Complete transaction history for all payments, principal draws, principal repayments and lender buyouts.
  • Secure and encrypted automated daily backups that are never deleted.
  • Using AWS, which is the same cloud platform that the CIA uses with 100% encryption for maximum security.


  • Programmer, Josh Matthias, and experienced real estate lender, Matt Crane, founded Lacoda in 2011.
  • Home office is located in Philadelphia, PA, in a really fun co-working space called VentureF0rth in the Callowhill neighborhood.